The Church Today

The church is listed in the National Historic Register but it is not a museum used only on special occasions. It is home to a caring congregation that has worshipped here continuously since 1842. It is a church that expects to serve Christ here for decades to come.

The Presbyterian Church is a warm and caring group of people dedicated to serving God in today’s world. We care about each other, about those around us, and especially about those who are new to us.

In the midst of a rapidly growing area, we are also alert to current challenges, and committed to sharing in our community’s growth by growing ourselves. We are developing and implementing a strategic plan for this first decade of the 21st century.

The Beginning

In 1841, a group of inhabitants of the village of Mays Landing, decided to erect a place of public worship. The proposed church was to be a Presbyterian Church. The cornerstone was laid in 1841, and the church opened for services in October 1842.

Focus on Education

The Sunday Church School is an exciting opportunity for our children to learn about God’s love for them. Meeting the same time as we worship, the Church School is also growing. It is staffed by gifted teachers. The cheerful fellowship hall is a good environment for learning, and the kids enjoy the church School immensely.

These times demand a solid Christian Education, and we are dedicated to giving young people a strong foundation for their lives.

We are also committed to expanding our education opportunities for adults.

Share in Our Growth...
...and Yours

Hamilton Township continues its rapid growth, and we are growing along with it.

You will find opportunities for learning as well as social activities. There will be possibilities for service and leadership, if you desire. Above all you will feel at home; and the pastor, The Rev. John Ash, is ready to help in times of personal need.